Recalling the fun of games we played

Called by the woods. © Charles Thibo

I love being in the woods, I always did. As I child would be found most of the time either in the wood behind our house, spring, summer, autumn or winter. While I am writing this I am aware that the wood north-west of our house has been calling me for days. “Come over to us”, it says in a gentle voice, “it is cool here. Get out out of that dreadful heat.” And it’s true, the thermometre indicates 36° C today, in the woods it would be a little fresher. “Here, the blackberries are ripe, didn’t you want to make jam? And the elderberries too!”, another voice is trying to seduce me.

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Light-heartedness bordering Mozartian frivolity

Rosetti oboe concerto
Rosa, rosae, rosae… © Charles Thibo

He was a contemporary of Mozart and Haydn, but he developed his own style. You can hear some of Mozart’s sweet- and lightness and his thematic ideas are developed in way similiar to Haydn’s, especially in the symphonies. He did not become as famous as the two masters of the Vienna classic era even though he was a prolific composer. So who is he? Antonio Rosetti is his name; he was born as Anton Rösler in Litomerice in Bohemia around 1750 and opted later for the Italian form of his name, most likely for marketing reasons. As for his biography, the scholars have now dressed a precise register of what they don’t know, for what they know about him with certainty – it is not much.

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