Respighi Paints a Picture of Darkness and Drama

A storm is brewing. © Charles Thibo

Wagner? This is not Wagner. But it sounds like Wagner! An Italian, you say? Non è possibile! But yes, this symphony, aptly named “Sinfonia Drammatica”, was composed by an Italian composer, Ottorino Respighi. For those of you who have followed this blog from its creation on, that name will have a familiar ring – Respighi composed this wonderful cycle of symphonic poems with the city of Rome as its main subject, that I discussed in one of my first posts.

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A Fiddling Tourist Guide in Rome

The pines of Rome at the Villa Borghese. © Charles Thibo
The pines of Rome at the Villa Borghese. © Charles Thibo

Rome. What a city! Rome in September on a free weekend. What an experience! A year ago: I am climbing the “Spanish Staircase” under a warm sunlight and walking to the Villa Medici and the park surrounding the Villa Borghese. Flowers everywhere and the pines smell delicately on this late Saturday afternoon. I leave the noise of the city behind me, girls sitting in the grass and chatting, a bike passing by, on a distant playground I hear children having fun… life is good! Continue reading!