Freeing my mind – an escape

What do you want to write today? © Charles Thibo

Wanderlust. Haven’t we had that before? A recurrent theme in music, a recurrent theme in my posts, in my life. Transcending the daily routine, acceding to new knowledge, meeting new faces… Or going back in time, revisiting my younger me, traveling back into the times of my favourite composers… I can do all that by writing. Writing letters, posts, occasionally poems – what an extraordinary freedom I enjoy!

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The quest for identity or a fool among fools

Oranges  – the prize. © Charles Thibo

Everything is connected – isn’t that so? Whatever we do, it has consequences, big or small, harmless or deadly. Whatever we decide, it affects people around us, positively, negatively. At the end, our life is the sum of our decisions, well-meant, often misguided and mostly overrated as to their importance. A couple of things come together here.

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Soaring to the sun to celebrate youth and freedom

The sky is the limit. © Charles Thibo

Are you familiar with the Greek myth of Daedalus and Icarus? Father and son were held prisoner on the island of Crete and since Crete’s ruler, King Minos, controlled the land and sea routes, Daedalus built artificial wings for himself and his son in order to flee. Before take-off, Daedalus warned Icarus not to fly too high, because the sun would melt the wax that held the wings together, nor too low, because the sea foam would soak the feathers. Once in the air, Icarus, exhilarated by the experience of flying, forgot his father’s warning and soared higher and higher. The heat of the sun melt the wax, the wings fell apart and Icarus drowned in the Aegean Sea.

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Melodic surprises in the shadow of Stalin

Prokofiev’s Sinfonia Concertante is tough and beautiful! © Charles Thibo

I can claim some stage experience, oh yes! Not as a pianist, but as an actor. I must have been around 16, and our local school needed someone to play a grandpa. The size did fit and as far as the beard was concerned, there’s always a solution. What I hadn’t been aware of at the beginning: I was to be taught precise steps by a choreographer to match Sergei Prokofiev’s “Grandpa theme” in “Peter and the Wolf”! And for many years, “Peter and the Wolf” was the only piece by Prokofiev that I knew. That changed when I looked for a recording of Tchaikovsky’s “Rococco Variations”.

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