Creating a Hype to Sell the Spanish Dances

Imagine dancing girls… © Charles Thibo

Pablo de Sarasate, of course. His dances immediately sprung to my mind when I heard Moritz Moszkowski’s Five Spanish Dances, op. 12. Imagine a Pole from Wroclaw dreaming of Spanish temperament and then composing the corresponding music out of the hat, just like that. The Spanish Dances were originally composed for four-hand piano in 1876 and enjoyed instant popularity. But the version for violin and piano – now that beats it all! Moszkowski’s publisher had to deal with all kind of arrangements. The version for piano and violin, just as popular as the original, is only one of them.

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Discovering Small Things in Music, in Life

Composition of sorrel and moss. © Charles Thibo

The bigger picture – apparently that is what we have to look at in order to understand what’s happening around us. But is that true? By constantly looking at the bigger picture, we may well miss the little details that matter to take an informed decision. And we may also miss those little details that make an ordinary day an exceptional one.

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