A Talented Composer, a Sensitive Poet

Hubay Violin3
Out of the darkness. © Charles Thibo

I recently had a road accident. Out of negligence. Nobody was harmed. The material damage was substantial. But what truly hurt me, was the fact that this accident was entirely avoidable. An error of judgment on my side made me loose time and money.  I caused damage to a third party. The awareness of my total responsibility made me feel extremely bad. I felt ashamed. And I could not listen to music with pleasure. It felt wrong. I felt not entitled to such an indulgence. It took a while until I truly accepted the consequences of my error. I felt better then. Eventually I was able to listen to music again. Music like Jenö Hubay’s Romantic third violin concerto.

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Hungary’s Romantic Heritage Written in C

Loose yourself in Hubay's melodies as the sun slowly sets... © Charles Thibo
Loose yourself in Hubay’s melodies as the sun slowly sets… © Charles Thibo

Majestic introductions seem to have been the forte of the Hungarian composer Jeno Hubay. Take his Violin Concerto No. 1 in A Minor. Op. 21: wham-wham, wham-wham, wham-wham – the brass and the violins shake you through. A few minutes into the first movement, the solo violin finally provides some relief, and yet, vigorously played by the British violinist Chloë Hanslip, it underlines the message of Hubay: drama! He aptly called this piece “Concerto Dramatique”. This said, the second movement is one of nicest, softest and most gentle melodies I have ever heard. Music from a fairy tale…

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