Beginning the day with unbound optimism

Another day, another promise. © Charles Thibo

Something compelled me to go back to this violin concerto, and I can’t quite say what it was. I felt a certain urge to immerse myself into it again, to see if I would enjoy it in a different way or more deeply, with amplified emotions after having it initially dismissed as being of lesser interest.

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Hungary’s romantic heritage written in C

Loose yourself in Hubay's melodies as the sun slowly sets... © Charles Thibo
Loose yourself in Hubay’s melodies as the sun slowly sets… © Charles Thibo

Majestic introductions seem to have been the forte of the Hungarian composer Jeno Hubay. Take his Violin Concerto No. 1 in A minor. Op. 21: wham-wham, wham-wham, wham-wham – the brass and the violins shake you through. A few minutes into the first movement, the solo violin finally provides some relief, and yet, vigorously played by the British violinist Chloë Hanslip, it underlines the message of Hubay: drama! He aptly called this piece “Concerto Dramatique”. This said, the second movement is one of nicest, softest and most gentle melodies I have ever heard. Music from a fairy tale…

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