Meditating over Past Sins with Abel’s Music

Fading. © Charles Thibo

Early morning in our garden. The heat and the lack of rain took its toll: What should be green and lush is of a fading green turning to yellow and brown. The morning hours are cool, the early breeze is a welcome contrast to the oppressive heat of the day. Every morning – I write this on one of the first days of August – I look at the sky and utter a very short prayer: Rain, please. The absence of rain has never hit me as hard as this year. I have to confront a problem I associated with the Sahel zone, not with Luxembourg. West winds should bring us rain showers from the Atlantic in July and August. These two months used to be the most abundant in rain. Not any more.

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An Inconspicious Sonata and a New Passion

Sanguisorba minor © Charles Thibo

I remember that early spring walk a year or two ago. It was warm already, and we wandered as a family along the rocks that bordert the western side of the Mosella valley. The rocks trap and reflect the sunlight; the warmth they radiate and the minerals in the soil contribute to a substantial degree to the excellence of Luxembourg’s white wines. On the small path I encountered this inconspicious plant, Sanguisorba minor, than can be used as aromatic plant in a salad for instance. It was as nondescript as Carl Friedrich Abel’s Viola da Gamba Sonata No. 10 in E Minor (WK 150) hidden on a recording by Rebeka Ruso (viola) and Sebastian Wienand (piano).

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