A Lyrical Companion for Autumn

The last warmth. © Charles Thibo

Here is some lovely music to accompany you through autumn: Luigi Boccherini’s String Quartet No. 4 in E-flat Major, op. 2. The prolific composer had this piece published along with five other quartets in 1761. Babette Kaiserkern, author of a biography on Boccherini, explains that the six quartets are opere grande (large works) with three movements, while other, later quartets only had two movements. Boccherini’s string quartet belongs to those works that made the composer famous all across Europe. They were meant to entertain his masters and of course to be performed by musicians all over the continent.

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Greta. It Can Be Done.

Crisis. © CNN

What a strange night to write about music. The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson rebuffed by the Supreme Court under Lady Hale. Democrats under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi deciding to impeach US president Donald Trump. And Swedish activist Greta Thunberg dressing down politicians at the Climate Summit in New York. Yes, it can be done! And it can be done by women and teenagers. I feel the resolve, the courage to try to change the world – against all odds.

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Superimposed Melodies and a Warm Sound

© Charles Thibo

At first, this symphony left me bewildered, irritated. It inspired nothing good to me. How could I write about a piece that left me indifferent? Well it didn’t. I returned to George Enescu’s Symphony No. 5 in D Major some 24 hours later, and after a good night’s sleep, it felt like a totally different piece of music. Interesting. So here’s my advice: Please do explore this stunning work, but study it after having had a good rest. Otherwise it may not unfold its magic. Enescu was a Romanian composer and, believe it or not, I haven’t written about him yet on this blog. I’ll try to catch up then. He definitely deserves a little promotion.

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The Spirits of Autumn Wear a Misty Veil

Leaves. © Charles Thibo

I don’t know how you feel about it, but I am looking forward to autumn each and every year. Each and every year I enjoy the trees changing their colour, the fresh, misty mornings with glorious sunrises, the still mild evenings with their no less glorious sunsets. And then there is so much lovely music to listen to in fall. Music like Felix Mendelssohn’s Octet in E-flat Major, op. 20.

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