Put on Your Dance Shoes!

© Charles Thibo

I feel like dancing and that’s no joke. Antonio Rosetti’s Symphony in C Major (Murray A1/ Kaul I:8) is a beautiful, dynamic piece of music, carrying me away each time I listen to it. Now imagine this: The house is quiet this afternoon, there’s nobody here except me. I can turn up the volume really loud, and after removing some obstacles I have a perfect dancefloor. Ready for a waltz? Out on your dance shoes and let’s go!

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It’s Time…

A day to be enjoyed. © Charles Thibo

Good morning. Did you sleep well? Here’s is some very gentle music to bring you from darkness to light, a slow musical wake-up, a friend touching your shoulder and whispering: “It’s time.” Time to enjoy a little masterwork. Joseph Haydn’s String Quartet in F Op. 2 No. 4 (Hob III:10). A piece that testifies that the young composer had come to maturity and that he had an excellent sense for what his audience was looking for: spirited, light and entertaining music, innovative in its expressivity, traditional in its form.

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Mishap, Misery and Mozart

A touch of gold… © Charles Thibo

An everyday drama unfolds: The bus is five minutes late when it arrives at the bus stop. It is nine minutes late by the time it reaches the station where I have to jump on the train. 60 seconds to run down the stairs to the platform, yelling like a madman – too late! The moment I arrive at train’s door, the train gently glides away, almost silently, seemingly undisturbed by my distress. Dammit! I’m furious. What now? The app gives me no good alternatives except to wait for the next train an hour later.

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A Mozart Piano Trio to Recover from a Flu

Rest. © Charles Thibo

As a rule I don’t fall ill. I just don’t. But this time I did. A flu got hold of me out of the blue on a wonderful sunny weekend. Monday morning was not funny. A sleepless night, a head so dizzy I had trouble keeping my balance – back to bed then! But I am restless person as you know. Staying in bed all day was a frightening outlook! Especially against the backdrop that it was going to be one more sunny autumn day. There was little I could do however. Reading a book was out of question, at least during that morning. Music? Perhaps. I had a foreboding that Mozart would work, some chamber music, something to calm me down, to relax, to drown in benevolent sounds, to drift away and to make the day pass quickly.

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