Radical Rosenberg’s breathless ride on the piano

Today. Tomorrow. © Charles Thibo

I am returning to a favourite subject of mine: the evolution of taste and aesthetics over time. A new city quarter is rising in the south of Luxembourg city: office buildings, high-end condos, a shopping mall, the new French lycée. I drive by twice everyday and I see how it grows, takes its definite shape. It’s fascinating. Modern architecture: My pictures illustrating contemporary music often are inspired by this huge construction site. I am curious. I may not like the architecture, but I am curious nevertheless. I came to think of this as I listened for the first time to Hilding Rosenberg’s Piano Concerto No. 1.

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A meditation at the fall of night

Nightfall. © Charles Thibo

Alone at night – I am not afraid of the thought. Alone at night – what a chance! Everything is calm, and my mind can focus on a single thought without any distraction. Curiously, a few pieces of music allow me to focus even better. They induce a kind of trance that takes me further away from the physical world and helps me propel myself into the world of abstract thinking. Frédéric Chopin’s “Nocturnes” for example. Keith Jarrett’s Cologne Concert and his album “Melody at Night”.

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