Inspired by a Young Swedish Piano Talent

Looking up. © Charles Thibo

At times I despair over mankind. Its inability to learn from past errors, the rampant lack of respect and dignity in politics, the belligerent tones against minorities set by some politicians and media  – all this seems to me fundamentally opposed to the values we officially profess and detrimental to a harmonic society. And there’s little I can do against it. I feel rather helpless and often I turn to the blue sky for consolation. Looking up invariably makes me realize how insignificant mankind is against the backdrop of the infinity of space. How ridiculuous our small and large daily battles are. If there is a God, he must either be horrified by our behaviour or laughing out loud over our pompousness.

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A Bright Light on a Grey Winter Day

Berwald new-1
Autumnal memories. © Charles Thibo

The moment I sat down to write this post, I was suffering from an acute lack of daylight. I mean real daylight, a shining sun. Instead I get several variations of grey and I have the choice between pouring rain or freezing temperatures. It’s time for a little artificial light then, the memory of a sunny afternoon and a long autumn stroll, the sound of a lively, joyful piece of music: Franz Berwald’s Piano Quintet No. 2 in A major, Op. 6.

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An optimistic sonata for a happy moment

Grieg Sonata (1)
Sunset at the seaside. © Charles Thibo

This sunset makes me a little nostalgic. A week at the Channel. A cozy evening in a beachhouse. Dinner outside, tea and cookies inside when the fresh land breeze had set in. Reading, chatting, watching the sun, the few seconds it takes to disappear, that magic afterglow in the sky. And Edvard Grieg. A happy moment.

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