De Chareli’s Top 15 on April Fools’ Day

If you are following this blog on a regular basis, you are aware that I am listening to music all the time. While I am driving to work, at work, when I am driving back home, at home, while on business trips and during my vacations. And while I was sipping my coffee in the afternoon sun a few days ago, I thought it would be fun to compile a Top 15 List, based on the number of times I have been listening to a specific piece over the past four years, with the help of – peep – synchronizing all my devices. I was a little startled by the result, as I did not expect some composers to do so well and certain pieces not to show up at all.

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A Few Stats about This Blog

Stats AUG2016_DEC2018

Have I ever told you that as a student – that was long ago – I studied statistics? No? I loved maths and the fancy graphs. My fascination with stats did not last long however once I found out how easy it is to manipulate the data so that the results are compliant to one’s bias or expectation. Nevertheless, since everybody is making such a fuss about the number of “likes”, daily visitors or page impressions, I decided to advance the cause of transparency just to underline that this is a totally irrelevant blog. Now fasten seat belts and have some strong coffee ready: On the average this blog has 721 views per month and 175 visitors during the same period. Impressed? I didn’t think you would be. These statistics are valid for the period lasting from August 2016 through December 2018.

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In the data maze or a hype of Beethovian scale

Beethoven Fifth final
No notes, no music. © Charles Thibo

Tadadadaaa – the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is effective as of now! Can you feel it? Does it make a difference? No, it doesn’t. It reminds me of the question: “So how does it feel to turn 40?” Well, the world did not stop turning back then, did it? And it didn’t tonight. All this excitement in the blogosphere over the past weeks – I wonder whether we are not taking all this a little too serious.

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Scandal in Cologne: Of Pianists and Prejudices


Exceptionally I will point you to a text from two foreign sources. It has to with music and the lack of tolerance in Europe. And I rate it a first class scandal: The audience at the Philharmonie Köln (Germany) forced the British-Iranian artist Mahan Esfahani to cancel after four minutes his performance of a piece written in 1967 by Steve Reich: Piano Phase. Part of audience considered the piece too boring, to modern or both and started yelling, laughing and whistling. The fact that the pianist had introduced the piece in English compelled someone from the audience to shout: “Speak German!”

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