Monday. A new week. A new look. Welcome to version 2.0 of “de Chareli”, a blog about classical music, about the ups and downs in composer’s lifes and about my own ideas on music, politics, religion and how we share our planet everyday. Enjoy. The next regular post will appear tomorrow. We will travel to Switzerland, visit a comedian’s house at a lake and meet a fantastic pianist.

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Scandal in Cologne: Artist has to stop performing a piece by Steve Reich


Exceptionally I will point you to a text from two foreign sources. It has to with music and the lack of tolerance in Europe. And I rate it a first class scandal: The audience at the Philharmonie Köln (Germany) forced the British-Iranian artist Mahan Esfahani to cancel after four minutes his performance of a piece written in 1967 by Steve Reich: Piano Phase. Part of audience considered the piece too boring, to modern or both and started yelling, laughing and whistling. The fact that the pianist had introduced the piece in English compelled someone from the audience to shout: “Speak German!”

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About works… and order

Fact checking - my (almost) daily bread. © Charles Thibo
Fact checking – my (almost) daily bread. © Charles Thibo

I was a little baffled when I realized how many posts I have written since I started this blog in August 2015. For some weeks I had thought about building an index of all the works covered for a couple of reasons: identifying gaps, avoiding to write twice about one piece, facilitating navigation on the blog. I had a foreboding that compiling the data would be tedious. It was tedious, but less time-consuming than I has anticipated. It certainly was worth the trouble.

So here it is: a brand new section labeled “About works” with all the compositions discussed so far on my blog and links to the corresponding posts. It will also be accessible via the menu bar.

 The works are ordered by composer’s names and alphabetically. I hope it will be useful to you, it certainly is for me. Enjoy your week – with music whenever possible!

© Charles Thibo


© Charles Thibo
© Charles Thibo