Serene Anxiety upon an Inspiration by Bach

I would like to hope that this summer will be a summer of peace, despite the drum beats in different parts of the world. I wish this summer could be devoted to the contemplation of the beauty of nature and of mankind’s cultural achievements. I wish it could inspire policy makers to realize that in a globalized world, pitting one nation against the other is a zero-sum game, inviting to revenge, and will ultimately lead to a loose-loose situation. Global issues need to be addressed in a comprehensive way and in a spirit of cooperation. There is no planet B. For nobody.

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A Look at the Nocturnal Sky on the Longest Day

Castillon piano concerto
Solstice. © Charles Thibo

16 hours and 18 minutes of daylight. Solstice. The longest day of the year. The sun has risen at 05:28 and sets – right now, at 21:46. Nautical twilight will start at 22:30, astronomical twilight at 23:34. There will be no official night as astronomical twilight will last until 03:40 when the next day is well underway. For ten thousands of years, solstice has occupied Man’s mind for reasons linked to practical life, worshipping and science. A moment of magic. I invite you to contemplate the nocturnal sky if the sky is clear and to ponder the fact that during Stone Age already men, women and children contemplated this very sky, searched for the brightest stars and wondered whether it all had a deeper meaning. Man meets infinity when he looks up at the sky at night and realizes how small he actually is.

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Listening to the Winds in the Magic Forest

Green magic. © Charles Thibo

There is a wood not far away from our house. Majestic oak trees, slender beeches, occasionally a birch. Towards the end of spring, the leaves form a green canopy and very little light penetrates through it. It gives the wood an eery atmosphere. It is one of the woods I imagined when my grandma told me a good-night story. It is one of the woods I imagined when I was reading the Grimms’ fairy tales or Gautier’s novel “Le Capitaine Fracasse”.

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A Man of Principles ahead of his Time

Beautiful melodies. © Charles Thibo

The moment you are reading this post, I am in Paris. The moment I am writing this post, I am in Luxembourg. I had been looking forward to the trip. I love Paris, and even if I go there for professional reasons, it will feel good to see new faces, to hear a different language, to immerse myself into another mentality. am looking forward to ride the metro in the early morning, watching people, what they do, what they wear, what they read. I like people. People make me curious. If I could I would make myself invisible just to observe them and see what makes them tick.

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