Dramatic depth shrouded in a golden veil of melancholy

Peace study. © Charles Thibo

A dream. A promise. A hope. Everything is possible. At the beginning of the new year I want to be optimistic. I want you to be optimistic too. Yes, we have all had our share of bad news and personal disappointments last year, but… there are many well-meaning people out there. Like-minded people, people caring for their family, their neighbourhood, the environment and a peaceful coexistence. They may not be very visible, but they are there. Nobody fighting for a better world fights on his own. We are many, from all walks of life, with different approaches but with one aim: making this place a better one.

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De Castillon charts a new course for French music

Natural elegance. © Charles Thibo

A young French aristocrat. A cavalry officer. And a resounding name: Viscount Marie-Alexis de Castillon de Saint-Victor. And above all a man deeply in love with music and fully devoted to the promotion of this wonderful art. Alexis de Castillon, as he is commonly known, was born in 1838. At the age of 11, parallel to his school studies, he started to take piano lessons. He also learned to play the organ in his hometown Chartres. Following a family tradition he continued his studies at the prestigious military academy of Saint-Cyr.

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Piano music from paradise, written by a woman

Peaceful night, peaceful dreams. © Charles Thibo

Night has fallen. Does it get dark in paradise? I wonder. I haven’t come across a writer who has reflected the daily business of life in paradise. Does it ever get dark? Do people sleep occasionally? Do they have to get up early? Perhaps for one more tedious lyra lesson?

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A majestic symphony, a prelude to Napoleon III

Royal colours. © Charles Thibo

I remember the moment I decided to write this post in every detail. A year ago on a free afternoon I was driving home and shortly before I would pass the speed radar I focused for the split of a second on those golden trees at the roadside against the blue sky – royal colours. I was listening to Camille de Saint-Saëns’ Symphony in A major – a majestic sound. I stopped the car, got out and shot that picture. It was a warm, sunny day, a light breeze made the leaves rattle, the road was empty. I went back to the car, sat on the driver’s seat, the door open, and listened to that beautiful music. I was in no hurry and enjoyed a magic moment. Happiness.

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