Sacrifying oneself for a better world

Drama in the making. © Charles Thibo

Can there be anything more dramatic than a man proclaiming the absolute power of the Love, seeing into the eyes of his enemies and submitting calmly and willingly to martyrdom to prove his faith and to convince his followers that they are right to believe in what he has said? To profess the ultimate sacrifice to set an example? To die so that others could live sometime somewhere in a better, more peaceful world? Hardly.

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Into spring with a jolly dance tune from master Fux

Light. © Charles Thibo

“The piece looks quite easy, but it’s misleading”, my piano teacher recently told me about a keyboard sonata written by Domenico Scarlatti, a work that I had studied for several weeks. “Quite a few hurdles for you”, he grinned, “but that’s what gives the sonata its lightness and elegance.” He spoke about the trills and other embellishments. He was right, of course, he always is, and the grace of Baroque music is what makes it attractive to me. The Austrian composer Johann Joseph Fux left us a number of light and elegant works, little known and seldom performed – enough reasons to highlight them on this blog.

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Building the Goldberg City with Bach

Lichtstudie. © Charles Thibo

Light and sound and the combination of the two have always fascinated me. Here lies the origin of this blog – tweets about a specific moment with a specific piece of music and a specific picture associated to both. But I am just an amateur. Meet the masters of sound and light, for instance the French artist Jean-Michel Jarre.

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Corelli’s introduction to an heroic woman

Spring will be female. © Charles Thibo

Less than a month ago when I left the house in the morning at the usual time I witnessed the moment when the night ends and dawn begins. An irregular patch of dark blue at the horizon surrounded by the opaque black night. This is not trivial, at least not for me. It means that I will soon see the sun rise when I leave home and that is the announcement of spring. Usually I do not feel affected by long, dark winter nights, but this year it is somewhat different. Perhaps because it wasn’t really cold and winter felt more like a long, drawn-out November, wet, grey, dull, unfriendly.

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