“One is Heading Towards Absurdity.”

Time of meditation. © Charles Thibo

Autumn. Meditations about life. About my life. The purpose of my life. Missed opportunities. Valuable experiences made. Hidden facets of my character. Mindset evolutions. The passing of time. Future projects. Strong convictions, far-reaching resolutions. A sense of responsibility. Those were my thoughts when I first listened to Theodor W. Adorno’s 6 Studies for String Quartet. Thought-provoking pieces of music, of a singular beauty and with a remarkable expressivity.

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Schubert is Storming the Charts

It has been a close call for Johann Sebastian Bach. He lost his top position as Franz Schubert has been storming my personal charts. Consider it breaking news in the world of classical music! In March this year  I compiled a few statistics about my listening habitudes and I was surprised by the prominence of Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos. Very far at the top of my personal top 15 with his concertos and so prominent that there was hardly any space for other composers.

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Put on Your Dance Shoes!

© Charles Thibo

I feel like dancing and that’s no joke. Antonio Rosetti’s Symphony in C Major (Murray A1/ Kaul I:8) is a beautiful, dynamic piece of music, carrying me away each time I listen to it. Now imagine this: The house is quiet this afternoon, there’s nobody here except me. I can turn up the volume really loud, and after removing some obstacles I have a perfect dancefloor. Ready for a waltz? Out on your dance shoes and let’s go!

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Riding with Don Quijote on a Medieval Tune

Don Quijote, imagined by Honoré Daumier.

Reading Miguel de Cervantes’ novel “Don Quijote” was an adventure in its own right. As thrilling as the fearless warrior’s adventures are, the book’s sheer length is a challenge and Cervantes’ narrative style is not exactly suited for people with limited attention span like me. The power of Cervantes’s novel however resides in its language, the love for descriptive details, and the palpable affection of the writer for his characters and his country. While I read “Don Quixote”, clear pictures of Don Quixote and Sancho, of their apparel, of the Mancha, the robbers, the fair ladies and the knights formed in my mind; they are still with me, more than a year later.

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