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I have worked as a journalist and blogger since 1994 in Germany and on overseas assignments, mostly in war zones. Having seen the dark side of the earth, I have decided that music is a much more enjoyable subject to cover. I operate a second blog linking books and music I like.

All information on this blog is carefully researched, all opinions and all factual errors are my own. So are the copyrights on all texts and pictures unless otherwise mentioned. None of the texts on dechareli.lu may be reproduced in their entirety without my explicit authorization. You are however encouraged to share links to my posts via social networks, messaging apps or email. Carrier pigeons are fine too.

This blog is not being sponsored, subsidized, paid for or financially assisted by any record label or artist management company. It costs a little money every month and it generates none. Bad luck!

About liability issues

All links are provided in good faith. I decline all liability for links to pirated recordings, fraudulent sites or content that might be considered offending or unsuited for minors. I provide links to Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, iTunes and the like not because I support streaming, but to provide readers with a legal possibility to listen to music samples.

About privacy policies

According to Regulation (EU) 2016/679, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation effective from 25 May 2018 on,  I must have a privacy policy for this site. So brace yourself, here we go!

This site’s privacy policy is guided by the principle that you should be able to read any content on this site in total anonymity. I am not interested in your personal data per se. However I value your visits and your comments if any. In this context the website collects personal data from its visitors – that’s you – for the following purposes and using the following services:

Analytics: WordPress Stats is setting cookies and processing user data like your IP address and by extrapolation your location. I do not see your IP address myself when you just visit the site. WordPress Stats does. It is a service provided by Automattic Inc. (60 29th Street #343 San Francisco, CA 94110 USA) and, being integrated into the website’s content management software (CMS), it relates your IP address to your location and shows me how many visitors visit the site and from which country the different visitors come. This is an inherent WordPress CMS function. The data is not being processed by myself, I see only the result of that processing, and therefore it is deemed outside the scope of this policy.

Automattic Inc. has published a Privacy Notice explaining how the company governs privacy issues and the processing of personal data they may collect through my site. You can circumvent the processing of your IP address by using a virtual private network (VPN). You will share your IP address with the VPN provider instead (another privacy issue) and mess up my statistics, but hey, this is the price to pay.

Commenting: The WordPress comment function, another Automattic Inc. service, requires an email address and a user name. You can make the user name up if you like, and the email address does not have to be valid. The indication of your website URL is optional. Automattic Inc. and myself will see your IP address once you have posted your comment along with the user name and the email address you provide, fake or real. Your personal data – and thus your comments – will be deleted at your request provided you can identify yourself as the originator of specific comments.

You will have to explicitly consent to the processing of the personal data you submit by commenting before sending the comment into the moderation queue by checking a box. The ReCaptcha is to prevent the site from being saturated with badly formulated Viagra advertisements.

Blocking trackers: By using a browser like Firefox and the add-on “Ghostery” you will be able to visualize trackers on this website and on others. You will also be able to block them.

Links: If, while visiting this website, you click on a link leading to a third-party website, your action may trigger cookies, trackers, scripts etc. on that third-party website. Personal data collection and processing by third-party websites linked to this one is deemed outside the scope of this privacy policy.

The right to be forgotten: You are entitled to access the data you share by visiting this blog and have a right to have your data deleted. If you want to know what personal data of yours this website has processed or if you want to have it deleted: Ask! It’s easy. All it takes is an email.

Subscription: By subscribing to this blog you consent to receive emails at an email address of your choice whenever a new post is published. Nothing has changed for those of you who subscribed before 25 May 2018 as you consented to this already. Remember that email with the link you clicked to confirm? Yeah. You can unsubscribe at any time (please don’t), and I will delete all emails originating from or having been sent to the email address you provided within six months. Why would I let you clog up my in-box?

I hope I was able to convey the message that I care about your privacy when you visit my site. The personal data you decide to share with me by using this site will not be knowingly sold or shared by me with any third-party except those stated above. Any personal data submitted through this site and under my control is stored on Luxembourg based servers with very high security standards. The access to the WordPress back-end of the dechareli.lu is managed by me alone. You will be informed about any security breach as soon as I learn of it.

And if you have any privacy issues with this site, please get in touch with me before running off to your lawyer. It might be cheaper to talk to me than to talk to him. And I am sure we can find a solution to your issue to my entire satisfaction. In one of my previous lives I was an Afghan bazari. I could have sold you a bowling alley in the Hindukush and you would have felt like making the deal of your life.

Finally I would like to add that my approach was guided by common sense and a little knowledge about how CMS works (old Joomla addict). The approach is mirrored by the ideas in this useful GDPR blogger’s guide and the European Union’s outline of the GDPR’s focus and broad principles.

About contacting me

Should you like to contact me directly, please send me an email to the address below (QR code)

QR code dechareli

Another option is to contact me through the messaging app Threema. Threema is Swiss made and uses state of the art end-to-end encryption and – unlike WhatsApp – does not use US servers prone to be gate-crashed by US law enforcement authorities. If you care about privacy as much as I do, this is the tool to use. My Threema-ID is: S2NMB3F4:

qr code threema ID copy

One last warning: Occasionally I will make fun of myself in what I write. By now you should have realized this. I trust your intelligence to find out when to laugh. Other than those parts, this blog is a dead serious issue.


6 thoughts on “About this blog”

  1. Guten Tag! Ich kenne mich mit WordPress noch viel zu wenig aus und habe erst heute Ihren Kommentar zu “Geliebter Goj – in der Kirche” gelesen. Vielen herzlichen Dank, und auch für Ihr treues Lesen und Ihre Likes! Ich bemerke jeden einzelnen davon, und sie bedeuten mir viel. Ich habe die Kommentarfunktion für den Artikel jetzt geöffnet – darf ich Ihr Feedback online stellen? Herzliche Grüße, Sarah
    (PS – ich wollte nicht über Email antworten, und es ist mir eigentlich auch unangenehm, dass jetzt jemand meine Mailadresse hat, aber es war mir wichtig, Ihnen zu antworten.)

    1. Guten Abend und vielen Dank für die Rückmeldung und natürlich die anregenden Texte. Ich muss recht oft lachen und manches Mal gerate ich auch ins Grübeln. Mit Religionen hadere ich seit Jahrzehnten, weil sie mich faszinieren einerseits, ich aber andererseits keinen Platz für sie in meiner Welt finde. Daher ist Ihr Blick auf die eigene wie auch auf die christliche für mich besonders spannend. Und ja, mein Feedback kann online gehen, so war’s gedacht. Wenn Sie jetzt möchten, dass ich diesen ersten Austausch auf meinem Blog löschen, kann ich das gerne tun. Die neue DSGVO gibt Ihnen das Recht dazu! 🙄 Dann ist die Email im System weg. 🙂

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