About Violence, Sorrow and Questions

I am on a train and I just read the news. I read about the attacks on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. A politician declared it being an attack on New Zealand’s multi-ethnicity. An attack on the open society as such. I agree. And I feel sorry for the victims. I also feel sorry for the perpetrators. Lost souls seeking revenge… for what? For being? For the world being what it is? For not finding any other sense in their life than taking someone else’s life?

Violence, sorrow, questions. In 2002 the Estonian composer Arvo Pärt wrote a piece called “Lamentate”. It feels like the right time to listen to it, to explore the feeling of sorrow and to find comfort in the music. It has been recorded by the Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra under JoAnn Falletta and Ralph van Raat (piano).

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