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Have I ever told you that as a student – that was long ago – I studied statistics? No? I loved maths and the fancy graphs. My fascination with stats did not last long however once I found out how easy it is to manipulate the data so that the results are compliant to one’s bias or expectation. Nevertheless, since everybody is making such a fuss about the number of “likes”, daily visitors or page impressions, I decided to advance the cause of transparency just to underline that this is a totally irrelevant blog. Now fasten seat belts and have some strong coffee ready: On the average this blog has 721 views per month and 175 visitors during the same period. Impressed? I didn’t think you would be. These statistics are valid for the period lasting from August 2016 through December 2018.

The evolution of those numbers is interesting. Since September 2016 the number of visitors was constantly above my personal, arbitrary benchmark for success: 100 visitors per month. Since October 2017, it has been constantly above 150 visitors per month, and for the last three months the number has hovered above the benchmark of 200 visitors per month. Now I am wondering, who on earth are all those people looking at my pictures? Who are you? I do not expect you to read the posts actually. The pictures, as visual elements, are more likely to attract your attention and reach your sub-conscience than the headlines, let alone the texts.

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So this is it – the number of views linked to the IP address of the visitors. It doesn’t come as a surprise that most of you are from Luxembourg, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States (is that a you, Google?), Austria, Canada, France and Switzerland. These are the countries where I have or had either relatives or friends or social media contacts. Countries with less than 50 views since 2016 have been omitted from this analysis. For the fun of it, I’ll disclose that the records show one view from Pakistan, Cuba, Saudi-Arabia, Georgia, Panama and a few other more distant, exotic countries. No North Korean so far! It will take time until I can reach out to the friends of classical music in the northern Hermit Kingdom, which must exist, I have no doubt about it.

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6 thoughts on “A Few Stats about This Blog”

  1. Wow. Statistics – for me a kind of horror scenario: I always fight with numbers and percents and all that stuff. Sometimes I wonder, if my understanding of music lacks because of this. But it would be a funny statistic how much of every kind of note or rest is used in a famous work of music, well, at least for to look at…

  2. As I am sure you know, in France they say “Les statistiques, c’est comme les bikinis: ça cache l’essentiel.”

  3. I shall soon pay a visit to my native Finland (from the UK where I currently reside). The above list will then have the right number of countries (symmetry is important).

    Thank you for all the blogs. They are very inspiring. And I do actually read the entries!

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