Fanny Writes Six Ephemeral Pieces of Luck

Fanny Mendelssohn 6 Lieder
Magnificence. © Charles Thibo

The longest night, that is winter solstice, has passed, and it’s time to look forward to spring. “This spring is extremely agreeable to me […] I feel like newly born and I enjoy the magnificence of our garden growing lovelier by the day, like an ephemeral piece of luck ,” writes Fanny Mendelssohn in her diary in May 1846 after a time marked by illness and living in a dark, confined and humid house. And the composer had reasons to rejoice. She was back at organizing Sunday concerts at the Mendelssohn’s house in Berlin and, more importantly, she had found the will and inspiration to compose again. By the end of the summer she would have two competing offers for a publication of her Op. 1, a set of six songs.

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