Becoming the Übermensch – Strauss meets Nietzsche

Manjushri the Bodhisattva of Transcendent Wisdom 10th century MetCollection
Manjushri, the Buddhist embodiment of Transcendent Wisdom

“And when life once asked me: What is wisdom? – I eagerly answered: Ah yes, wisdom! One thirsts for it and never is replete, one looks through it like through a veil, one tries to grab it through nets.” Thus speaks Zarathustra in Friedrich Nietzsche’s monumental work “Thus spoke Zarathustra”. I read it some 20 years ago, I re-read it a few weeks ago. Wisdom and the quest for wisdom – does it make sense? The tension between knowledge, based on empirical science and logic, and belief in all things metaphysical. Man tries to be rational, but he is more often guided by his emotions, he seeks wisdom to celebrate his self-conscious independence, and at the same time he can’t negate his longing for a transcendental element like God.

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