Charming pieces from Pauline to her son

Viardot 6 Morceaux-1.jpg
A little melancholy. © Charles Thibo

“Through her Spanish temperament, her French education and her sympathy for Germany, she combines characteristics of differen nationalities in a way that one cannot identify her with a single country. Arts are the fatherland she chose and loves.” It strikes me again how generously Franz Liszt praised female composers of his time and how much he tried to promote their careers. Pauline Viardot-Garcia is the name of the composer that Liszt had in mind when he wrote these lines. She lived between 1821 and 1910 and she worked as a mezzo-soprano opera singer, a pianist, a composer, a music teacher, an editor and a painter, in short, she had multiple talents and of course her career as a composer is of interest to us today.

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