Transition to happiness with Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach

Praise! © Charles Thibo

Music from the Bach family is a perfect way to start a day. Actually to start any day. On a sunny summer morning listening for example to Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach’s Cello Concerto in A minor (Wq. 170) fills me with joy and enthusiasm and a strong desire to praise mankind’s inventiveness, it’s ability to create Beauty, its incredible power to fill others with happiness. What a gift from Johann Sebastian Bach’s son! What a generosity!

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Emilie Mayer and the Passion for Life

Fire. © Charles Thibo

Wait, wait, wait – what is this commotion about? You can not just hammer away on these keys! What, agitato you say? But… You, you, the violinist, stop that! This not music, you hear me, this is outrageous! Well, outrage may well have been on the composer’s mind. Here comes a fulgurant woman writing fulgurant music. Here comes Emilie Mayer with her Violin Sonata in E minor, Op. 19. You havent heard of her? You will hear her story – or parts of it – now and hopefully discover a piece that will bewitch you. It has been recorded by Aleksandra Maslovaric and Anne-Lise Longuemare.

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A piano confession on a dreamy night

Full moon. © Charles Thibo

What a fantastic full moon! I stood at the back door leading to our garden and watched it in awe for many minutes. How big it seemed to be! That old dream from my childhood came back – me, flying to the moon. The dream is still very much alive, I feel it intensely when I watch the moon on days like that one, a month ago. And by chance that very same evening I discovered a composer whose piano music seemed to perfectly fit my mood. Or was it the music that discovered me at the right time?

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Of Teachers and Students – A Sonata in A Minor

Sunrises – a Romantic indulgence of mine. © Charles Thibo

Is it a personal tragedy when the pupil outdoes the teacher? Or does it fill him with pride? Carl Reinecke (1824-1910) is an unknown unknown. His students however are well-known or at least known unknown composers i.e. unknown by the general public, but a reference for experts like the readers of this blog: Max Bruch, Leos Janacek, Edvard Grieg and Julius Röntgen. I think it is safe to say that Reinecke’s four students outdid their teacher in terms of celebrity. But they rival him in terms of excellence in composition remains to be seen.

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