Radically innovative – now and then

Aggregate state unknown. © Charles Thibo

Sturm und Drang – this is Sturm und Drang cast in music. The expression denotes a German proto-Romantic literary style en vogue during the late 18th century. Young poets embued by what they called “innate genius” emphasized instant inspiration instead over a formalized way of writing. Emotions mattered over rational ideas in terms of content, creativity mattered over established rules in terms of form.

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An infinite number of vibrations

Spring is in the air. © Charles Thibo

Some hundred years separate Mozart’s String Quartet no. 7 from this mind-blowing piece. In 1887 Antonin Dvorak composed his Piano Quintet No. 2 in A major (Op. 81/B. 155), and I must tell you, the recording by the Pavel Haas Quartet and Boris Giltburg at the piano is quite a revelation. When I heard it for the first time I got really excited, and I still am whenever I listen to it.

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Spring melodies from an elusive composer 

The herald and his message. © Charles Thibo

Winter apparently wants to have the last word. While I am writing this, it is snowing outside. We usually have no snow in November, December and January, but then, at the end of January and the beginning of February, it’s winter wonderland all over the country. However I am not overly impressed, the snow will be gone within a few days, the birds have been singing for weeks.

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