Floating Like Dust – The Sound of Transcendence

Crossing from darkness into light. © Charles Thibo

Corona I

The sun – a source of light,
A flaming crown,
A beacon at night.

Corona II

Jesus, he shared our plight
A thorny crown,
A sobering sight.

Crossing I

Leaving the earth behind
And into the depth of space.
Like dust I float,
Like fireflies I shine.

Crossing II

Life and death are close,
The threshold very thin.
How often have I died?
How often have I lived?

In 1962, the Japanese composer Toru Takemitsu composed a piano work called “Corona”. In 1971-72, he wrote the piece “Crossing” for piano, celesta, vibraphone, guitar, harp, female choir and two orchestras. Both pieces have been influenced by the techniques of the US composer John Cage. Takemitsu had for some time been fascinated by graphic scores, rejecting the traditional way of notation. This, he thought, would give the performer more freedom, and each performer would make the composition’s performance unique.

In 1990, the Australian pianist Roger Woodward performed both pieces simultanously together with Rolf Gehlhaar. A unique endeavor. A unique piece of art, recorded with the label Etcetera.

When you listen to “Corona and Crossing”, and I strongly encourage you to do exactly that, do not expect anything you know about classical music. This goes beyond music. This is transcendence.

© Charles Thibo

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