An Impromptu on Hope and Happiness

Clarity. © Charles Thibo

Did you like yesterday’s post? Did you enjoy Telemann’s music? I hope so. This is an impromptu, an unscheduled post, that I wrote just because I felt I must. It could not wait. I could not wait. And I will be brief.

In 1915 the Hungarian composer Bela Bartok wrote a highly popular set of Six Romanian Folk Dances (BB 68). World War I had been going on for a year already, and Bartok, unfit for military duty, served his country by collecting and re-arranging folk music. If Telemann’s violin fantasies are a Baroque path to happiness, Bartok’s set of piano pieces is a modern path to happiness.

Monday afternoon I listened to this little gem a couple of times while preparing dinner, and here is what I thought and felt: serenity, clarity, courage, joy of life, uplifting melodies, freedom, dancing a dance of liberation in the blue limpid sky. Saying farewell to the past, to darkness, embracing the new. Hope.

Try that wonderful recording by the French pianist Hélène Grimaud. Enjoy it. Enjoy yourself. Feel the optimism, feel the good vibes.

© Charles Thibo

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