Sorrow. Repentance. Consolation.

A heart of stone? Sometimes yes, unfortunately. © Charles Thibo

Sorrow. Repentance. How many times have I wronged somebody dear to me? Too many times. How often have I known and felt I was wrong without saying so? Way too often. I repent. Each time. Sometimes I muster the courage to say so. Sometimes I just stay silent. Sometimes it takes music to let me find out how wrong I was. Sometimes, music softens my everyday armour up and allows some honest introspection.

A year ago, I made that experience. I had deeply offended someone I care about a lot. I slept badly that night. I felt badly for the whole morning. Over lunch, I listened to Johannes Schenk’s sonata “L’Echo du Danube”. That sonata moved me a lot on that specific day of sorrow and repentance. It made me realize the extend of my misbehaviour. It made me feel ashamed. A the same time, it gave me a little consolation.

It is a marvelous piece. Johannes Schenk (1660-1710) was a Dutch composer and an excellent player of the viol (viola da gamba). The German viol player Hille Perl has recorded some of his music with her husband Lee Santana. The record is available from the label Harmonia Mundi.

There is no need for additional words.

© Charles Thibo

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