Mystic day-dreams jotted down on a piece of paper

Drifting through space and time. © Charles Thibo

Do you manage to think about nothing? No. That is impossible. You cannot think about nothing because “nothing” is already something. Can you let your mind drift away? Can you day-dream? Alexander Skryabin (Scriabin) wrote a musical day-dream in 1912-13: his Piano Sonata No. 10, Op. 70. Disconnected thoughts drifting through space, words jotted on a piece of paper… slowly a certain coherence emerges, the composer returns to his initial thoughts, casts them in a more precise way, emphasizes some ideas, disregards others. Skryabin is speaking to us, but what does he want to say? It is up to you find this out. You, the listener will give this music its meaning. Just like I did.

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