Delicate and Massive Sound Structures

Light and shadow. © Charles Thibo

Lichtstudie – a study of light. As a passionate photographer, I study light. Almost all the time. Light is my first consideration, the subject comes only second. Perspective is the third element I look at before deciding to capture a moment. Light determines the mood of the picture, perspective makes it interesting. I devote a lot of time to photography and those pictures I am really convinced of make it into this blog. I insist on the consonance of the essence of the picture and the music the post is about.

A cycle on light studies

The German clarinettist and composer Jörg Widmann (born in 1973) has written a piano work called “Lichtstudie III” in 2002 belonging to a whole cycle of works of the same name. Part I goes back to 2001. Its ambition is to render light, colour, perspective and proportion through sounds. Part II is described by Widmann as “polyphonic shadows for viol, clarinet and orchestra”. Part IV was composed for a violin and a piano, part V for an accordion and clarinet while part VI represents the synthesis of the earlier parts. The cycle had its premiere in 20014 in Hamburg.

The essence of piano music

“Lichtstudie III” impresses me through its balance between delicate and massive and sound structures finding its correspondence in light and shadow. It is fragile and oppressive at the same time, and the fact that the piano expresses these ideas all on its own – no distraction by singers or other instrumentalists – leads to the essence of the music. Just like “Astralis“, the choral piece by Wolfgang Rihm that I presented last month, it invites to meditation.

Widmann currently works as “Composer in Residence” with the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra and holds the „Creative Chair“ of the Tonhalle Orchester Zürich. He studied at the Juilliard School New York and often performs with the Orchestre National de France, National Symphony Orchestra Washington and the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal. “Lichtstudie III” has been recorded by Jan Philip Schulze in 2013.

© Charles Thibo

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