Ten Minutes of Positiveness

Notturno. © Charles Thibo

I am alone. There is no one here. It’s dark and cold outside. You didn’t see this post coming. Not at this time of the day. Nor did I. It was a very spontanous idea. I saw that bright crescent at the horizon. The backlights of a passing car. I ran for my camera. There! Two good shots. What now? A night piece! Chopin? No, the sound of that string quintet was still lingering in the air – Schubert? Schubert.

Melancholy, ten minutes of drawn out melancholy. Tenderness. Tenderness for what? A beloved one? A friend? Mankind as such? Determination. The will to overcome whatever obstacles may lay ahead. And I discern no pain, no anger, no violent emotions. Ten minutes of positiveness. Ten minutes to disconnect from the daily routine, to calm down, to embrace someone, to realize that few things matter outside the love for and of another human being.

Schubert encapsulated all this in his Notturno (Adagio) in E-flat Major, Op. 148, D. 897. It is one of his later works, written in 1827/28 for a piano trio. There are some parallels to the slow movement of the String Quintet in C Major, that I listened to a few hours ago. A delightful piece. Heart-warming. You will see for yourself in a few weeks.

The Notturno is equally beautiful and still different. The recording I am just listening to has been recorded a while ago by the Ensemble Villa Musica. Good night.

© Charles Thibo

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