Ten minutes of positiveness

Notturno. © Charles Thibo

I am alone. There is no one here. It’s dark and cold outside. You didn’t see this post coming. Not at this time of the day. Nor did I. It was a very spontanous idea. I saw that bright crescent at the horizon. The backlights of a passing car. I ran for my camera. There! Two good shots. What now? A night piece! Chopin? No, the sound of that string quintet was still lingering in the air – Schubert? Schubert.

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Vienna’s messenger between heaven and earth

Into the day with Mozart’s piano music © Charles Thibo

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a master entertainer. He was the best at pleasing the cultural elite of Vienna. And he was the first composer with a thoroughly entrepreneurial attitude towards his own compositions. There was a product to be sold – his music. And then there was the promotion of the product – the publicity, the networking, the harassment of publishers, agents, patrons and officials to obtain a commitment for the publication of a score, for the renting of a concert hall, for a commission from the Habsburg Court, the Catholic Church or whoever would be willing to pay for a piece of brilliant music.

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