Monday. A new week. A new look. Welcome to version 2.0 of “de Chareli”, a blog about classical music, about the ups and downs in composer’s lifes and about my own ideas on music, politics, religion and how we share our planet everyday. Enjoy. The next regular post will appear tomorrow. We will travel to Switzerland, visit a comedian’s house at a lake and meet a fantastic pianist.

Have a nice day. See you tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Nice new look. I was confused by the absence of the usual “follow” button, but now see the checkbox “Notify me of new posts by email” below the post comments button. (This might be a little too obscure a location if people are looking just for a follow button, without intending to comment.(?))

    1. You are right about the “follow” button, but I can’t change that, it’s part of the template… But you – as a follower of the old blog – should follow the new one automatically without signing up a second time. Did you get an emailor something that you have signed up early today? Before you looked for the “Follow me” button? Unfortunately I do not see how all this looks like from the user’s end!!! 😳

      1. I did get the nice Welcome page on the new site, but I can’t tell anymore whether it was from before or after I clicked the “Notify me” button, sorry. (I’m sure it won’t matter now). So, congratulations, and I’m looking forward to reading your new posts! 🙂

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