About works… and order

Fact checking - my (almost) daily bread. © Charles Thibo
Fact checking – my (almost) daily bread. © Charles Thibo

I was a little baffled when I realized how many posts I have written since I started this blog in August 2015. For some weeks I had thought about building an index of all the works covered for a couple of reasons: identifying gaps, avoiding to write twice about one piece, facilitating navigation on the blog. I had a foreboding that compiling the data would be tedious. It was tedious, but less time-consuming than I has anticipated. It certainly was worth the trouble.

So here it is: a brand new section labeled “About works” with all the compositions discussed so far on my blog and links to the corresponding posts. It will also be accessible via the menu bar.

 The works are ordered by composer’s names and alphabetically. I hope it will be useful to you, it certainly is for me. Enjoy your week – with music whenever possible!

© Charles Thibo

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11 thoughts on “About works… and order”

    1. I have been in the blogging business only since last Ausgust and I write posts as inspiration comes along! That may explain the mix. I try to keep a balance between Baroque, sacred music, contemporary classical music and the 19th/20th century pieces. And I attach a lot of importance to the pictures that illustrates the post. Quite often I have the picture but not a matching piece. I started out as photographer decades ago, so the photographer has a serious headway over the writer. 😄

  1. A very impressive list in itself, but so clear, useful, and easy for us readers to use, that I’m going to bookmark this right now on my desktop. Thanks! Sorry, gotta go now and find out what you had to say about so-and-so’s piece… 🙂

    1. Thank you for your encouraging comments, the hint about the typo and the unreadable email address. I really appreciated. The typo is gone. The email address was distorted to prevent robots preying on email addresses, but to a degree that not even intelligent humans could read it, let alone stupid algorithms! 😃 That has been changed too.

  2. This is fantastic! I’m interested to view it on my computer, but I’m curious how you formatted it. I’ve now got over 200 music posts (not all posted yet), and another 200 more articles since October ’13. I have a running list of the pieces with the date and the number in sequence. It would take me some time to do this. How many pieces do you have in total?

    1. 85 posts published so far, that amounts to some 100 positions in the table. The table is a very basic table written in HTML: Once you have a couple of positions you can easily copy/paste those in HTML. Some 50 future posts are written and scheduled. I will add each after publication since I need to link the new post to its actual URL. There is nothing like a little manual programming!!! 😂 I’ll try to send you a screenshot via email.

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