Liberating Jerusalem with Pizzicato and Tremolo

Domenico Tintoretto has painted Tancredi baptizing Clorinda.

Once upon a time, there was a crusader riding to the East to liberate Jerusalem. His name was Tancredi. During a battle at night, he meets a Muslim warrior, Clorinda, a woman from the enemy’s camp with whom he had a love affair. But since Clorinda is wearing armor, Tancredi mistakes her for a man. They fight long and hard, but in the end, Tancredi is victorious. While Clorinda dies, Tancredi realizes who she is and Clorinda embraces the Christian faith. The Italian poet Torquato Tasso has written this romantic story in the 16th century as part of his monumental work “The liberated Jerusalem” and the Italian composer Claudio Monteverdi has set it to music. Tasso was Monteverdi’s favorite poet.

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