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Books about music are another passion of mine. © Charles Thibo
Books about music are another passion of mine. © Charles Thibo

Books and music are intimately connected for me. I need books to further my knowledge about music, to write about music. I enjoy reading about music as much as I enjoy listening to music.

Both books and music are the fruit of somebody’s intellectual process. Any artist, writer or scientific researcher merits a just reward for his creative effort. We, the consumers, too often forget the origin of what we consume. That’s why some pirate videos, circulate unauthorized concert recordings or reprint texts they haven’t written without proper quotations. It’s theft! I don’t endorse that.

Nor do I endorse the policy of large online booksellers to use their market share to pay less and less to authors and publishers. That’s why I prefer paper copies to e-books. And a paper copy has the advantage that I own it once I have bought it. It’s there, on my shelf at all times forever, not just made available through an internet connection that can fail or on a hard disk that can fall apart any time. That’s why I order the vast majority of my books at my local bookstore and not online. It’s also good for promoting shop diversity in Luxembourg city.

Besides this, there is the social aspect. I like to joke with my bookseller, I trust his advice, I appreciate the attention he pays to his customers. Visiting his store downtown is like a little journey into another world. Plenty if new discoveries to be made – an everyday adventure.

© Charles Thibo

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