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Some of the many... © Charles Thibo
Some of the many… © Charles Thibo

My blog now features a new section with the bibliographical data of the books where I get my wisdom from. Marketing people call this approach “service orientated”.

I pick books and read them not only for my pleasure, but also for you. It makes my bookseller happy and it makes me happy. But of course there are more booksellers in the world that deserve being made happy. So get out and buy the books! Forget about eBooks. Smell the paper, touch its structure, admire the beauty of printed fonts. Retire into the garden, on your couch or in a quiet corner in your office building and lose yourself in the realm of the written word. It is good for your health. Watch the books getting older with you. Share them with good friends, whatever your bookseller tells you.

Reading my blog is one thing. It may give you an idea on what to listen to and what to read. Enjoying music and books is another thing. It’s the real thing. The experience, social media cannot provide. You’re on your own now.

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